What is digital marketing?

When you hear the word digital marketing what do you think it means? Many people get flustered because they think it is way more complicated than it really is. Digital marketing is pretty straight forward. Digital marketing is just using digital tools and marketing is nothing more than creating value marketing content to your customers. What are traditional tools? Tradition tools are newspapers, radio, tv, magazines, billboards and direct mail. Now as traditional tools still work in there own way they don’t have the same reach digital tools do in a 21 century world. Digital marketing has it own set of tools.

Tools that are used for digital marketing are search engine marketing, social media, blogging, video creation, email marketing and online pay per click advertising. When you take about digital and traditional marketing your taking about which one your going to put your message on. Which is the better choose for marketing for your budget? Digital marketing hands down wins! Why you ask? Digital marketing has a lower cost factor when compared to traditional marketing. Digital is also great to have because it can be tracked. Yes I said tracked. With digital marketing you are able to track how many customers have viewed your website, how long there spending on your website, which pages are they clicking on and where is the traffic views coming from. When it come to marketing you have two chooses. You can go digital or traditional.